The TLL Story

For too long, the fine jewelry world was intimidating, inaccessible, (way) overpriced, and frankly pretty outdated. We broke the rules to make something new. And now we’re crashing the fine dining party, too. Every TLL piece is a new school heirloom thoughtfully designed in LA for everyday wear and use. Luxury today is collected, shared, classic and funky, and pretty f*ing colorful. We think you deserve a little bit of that luxury.

Heirloom Quality

Insider Pricing

Unique Designs

New Generation Heirlooms

Whether this is your first piece of fine jewelry or fine porcelain or your seventy first, we want to give you something you’ll use forever; something you’ll pass down. We recognize that fine jewelry and fine dining are investments, so we want you to have access to the best designs and highest quality pieces at a great price (without industry markups). We want them to look as good in person as they do online - no filters, just fine. And most importantly, we want them to be special; for the designs to make you happy. We believe our heirlooms should be the MVPs of your jewelry box and your dining table.

Meet Shelley

I started in fine art at Parsons and later trained with master jewelers. I soaked up everything I could as the Head Designer and Creative Director for dozens of celebrity jewelry lines and luxury jewelry houses. I even became a secret diamond concierge. Twenty years in, I wanted a line of my own. A line that let me play by my own rules, that let me make fine as fun as it deserved to be. A line where I could obsess over the details and customers never had to. So I made one. The Last Line is not just the last line of jewelry for me, but I know it will be for you too.