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Jewelry Sizing and Fitting

We all know rings have sizes, but did you know there’s a real way all jewelry is supposed to fit? Not to worry, we’ve made it simple to get it right whether you’re treating yourself or treating a very lucky someone else.


Earring size only matters for huggies. Choose the size based on where it's going on the ear and how you want it positioned. This diagram makes it easy:


You know the drill—rings have sizes. Here’s how to find yours. Print this file at “actual size” and either lay one of your existing rings over the circles, matching the inner diameter to the size of the correct circle, or align your finger over the circles and select the one that just allows you to see the inner outline of either side of your finger. If you’re buying a ring as a gift, (temporarily) steal one of the lucky someone’s rings and use this guide to select the right size.


Bracelets are sized by length. Just measure a bracelet you like or wrap a string or soft measuring tape around your wrist to get the right size. 6.5, 7, 7.5 ,and 8-inch bracelets.


Necklaces are also sized by length, and you should choose what's right for you based on where you want it to fall on your neck. Use this diagram to pick:

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