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Seven Standout Looks From The New TLL Collection

It’s always tough for us to name favorites, but we do have looks we gravitate towards when new pieces drop. We love to play around and see what rules we can break with stacking, charms, new shapes and of course a whole rainbow of colors. Check out what’s shining brightest this week.


All in The Mix: Tennis Bracelets

It’s really just a matter of how much wrist space you can give to the dozens of tennis bracelets we have in gems from citrine to peridot to tanzanite. They are just asking to be stacked.


Play It By Ear: Hoops & Huggies

A single pair of classic hoops is lovely, but a mix of sizes and shapes all in white diamonds (with maybe a stud or two thrown in) is damn near revolutionary.


Love It: Heart Pendants

Actual hearts of gold. Show some love with heart pendants in an array of gemstones in gold. Go for a single special piece or a few to create a whole look.


Show of Hands: Diamond Rings

Sometimes you just want white diamonds and 14K gold. And that’s just fine by us. When it comes to rings, we love the combo in all sorts of shapes mixed up in different finger placements.


Chain Reaction: Perfect Link Bracelets

To give a weightier edge to your bracelet stack, links in black and white diamonds are the answer. Chain of command, indeed.


ROYGBIV: Rainbow Necklaces

Our rainbow necklaces with all kinds of gemstones are the kind of pieces that get noticed. Be prepared—people will ask about them.


Go Through Hoops: Earring Charms

Did you think charms were only for bracelets? You can personalize your hoops too with enamel hearts, emerald teardrops and diamond flowers.


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